Welcome to Sitnez Biocare Pvt Ltd

Sitnez Biocare Pvt Ltd understands the role of medicines in a person’s day to day life and hence tries to bring out the best in the industry.

The company offers 300+ products including injections, tablets, ointments, lotions , capsules, syrups, protein powder, soaps, herbal products and other pharma products in domestic and international markets. All products are manufactured from good quality products and other required material in appropriate manner. All products are taken from trustworthy people to ensure best quality products to its customers. It has ISO 9001:2015 & G.M.P&WHO certified manufacturing facilities which are approved by several regulatory authroies. There are plans for R&D centre are in place. Luziac life sciences is one of the largest selling and most respected pharmaceutical company in India.

Sitnez Biocare Pvt Ltd aims to contribute to good health by delivering good quality products. The company also aims in becoming best global pharmaceutical company.

SitnezBiocare Pvt Ltd was started in March 2015 and is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, trading and distribution of best quality drugs across the world. This company is run by leading and experienced professionals.

Sitnez Biocare Pvt Ltd corporate office in Dhakoli (Punjab). The motive of our company is to ensure the availability of medicines to all classes of customers who is needy at an affordable price without any discrimination. We believe in customer’s satisfaction.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission – To meet the needs of the customers by providing quality products at reasonable price and becoming a strong global economic pharmaceutical manufacturer .

Our Vision – Our vision is becoming a leading global pharmaceutical company by maintaining quality standards.

Our goal is to provide best quality products and services to all clients across the world .